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Status of Conservation

     restoration2 sSince the creation of the House of Heritage, with the support of the town of Chinon and with financial support from the French Government, we have reached the initial objectives of:

  • Advising building and restoration works, making the population understand the interest of safeguarding the heritage;
  • Achieve exemplary restorations: traditional building, temple, lanes, etc.
  • Plan the city’s urban development by outlining the Schema of Territorial Coherence (SOTC) for Luang Prabang;
  • To survey and classify old, traditional or colonial buildings, temples and natural ponds.
  • Prepare the plan for safeguard and development (PSMV) covering all new construction works as well as all demolition or renovation of existing buildings and infrastructure improvements. 

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  • Improve the skills of staff of the Department, for example, construction management and restoration techniques. With the support of Tokyo Institue of Technology, strengthen the capacity of computer technicians.rule s

     Thanks to the policy of opening of the Lao Government on abroad, the city of Luang Prabang received financial support from international organizations to renovate infrastructures such as: rehabilitation of roads, improvement of drainages, construction of the retaining walls on the river banks, water supply, etc.Luang Prabang Province, on its part, has supported the restoration of temples and persuaded owners to restore their homes.Local and foreign investors have set up hotels, guest-houses, shops, restaurants, etc.
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