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criteria2 2s At the request of the Lao Government, with the support of the French Government and UNESCO, Luang Prabang has created an Office which was called "the World Heritage House '' , now the “ Department of Luang Prabang world heritage". This Department’s role is to ensure that the work of preservation and development of the heritage of Luang Prabang is performed in accordance with the World Heritage Centre’s requests and advise departments concerned, residents, local investors and foreigners, etc...

To compensate for this lack of expertise in heritage management, the local Committee of Luang Prabang in charge of world heritage has sought experienced partners. At UNESCO’s proposal, the town of Chinon which has substantial experience in the management of heritage has agreed to help Luang Prabang. The World Heritage Department acts as instrument for decentralized cooperation between Luang Prabang and Chinon.

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